Welcome to my personal blog. My name is Bing Wong. I graduated from Baruch College of CUNY with bachelor degree in Finance in 2014. I was one of ten students at Baruch Student Endowment Fund in 2013.   The reason why I established this blog is to mark down something I think useful and wirte down something I feel like necessary. As I observed, most of the people in Stock Market are speculators and they don't spend any efforts to study a company before they buy stock. For me, I would like to spend some of my time to study and analyze firms based on their fundamental information.


Actually I have already owned a website and having one more website is a pain in my ass. So why? Basically, I bought a website space and used wordpress to be my blog. Wordpress is easy and more flexible to use. But it suffers tremendous cyber attacks everyday. It makes me paranoid also. So i decided to set up a hexo blog on github and moved some of my posts regarding programming to it.

How it is

I am in love with the way how the hexo works. It works well with MarkDown and this is exactly what I need the most. But the drawback is hard to attach pictures into the post. I am still thinking if there is any easy ways to do it.


To be honest, I am not a professional coder. But I love coding. That's why I created another blog to track my growth. I might make some random non-subject-related posts and don't get surprised. Beacuse I learn things randomly.


You may wonder why I create such a domain name and what is the meaning behind it.

The answer is........ There is no meaning of it.

Personal Website



So please feel free to contact me if you have anything confused with my code and I would like to discuss with you.